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BIOMEDevice Silicon Valley 2021

After a year off because of the pandemic, EMS was glad to be back at the local BIOMEDevice show, now known as BIOMEDevice Silicon Valley.

We showed off some past products and discussed future opportunities with attendees.

New Projects

EMS is deep into the process of developing a cooling device to minimize the impact of strokes. The fourth iteration has been prototyped and is being tested. Clinical trials are expected to happen this summer.


We are also finalizing a non-contact charging system for implants in bed-ridden patients. Initial testing is underway.

Three additional projects started in February 2022. All are associated with developing catheter testing equipment and testing catheters.

13 Years and Counting

EMS just celebrated its 13th anniversary.


Time has really flown by since our incorporation in 2009, as it usually does when you are doing what you like to do.


We are looking forward to many more years.

Future Expansion

EMS is continuing to research opportunities to expand our physical presence locally while keeping our existing address for our R&D and production areas.


We are also in discussions with a number of potential partners to expand the services that we can provide to clients.

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